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Sincerely invite you to try Undb

Undb is delighted to meet you all. We hope you can try it out and provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

Undb is currently in the early stages of open source development and is not recommended for production use. Please note that once the demo website is redeployed, the previous table data will be cleared.

Undb's characteristic features

The Undb open-source spreadsheet platform provides a visual drag-and-drop interface and configurable operations, allowing anyone to quickly build their own business systems, process various data, and optimize business logic. Undb can render tens of thousands of data in just a few seconds.

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Private first

Undb is private first, you can deploy your own instance of undb and handle your own data local.

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Use sqlite and local object storage by default, requires only one file to persist your data.

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Deploy in seconds

You can deploy undb in only seconds by docker and others.

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Flexible and configurable

Many built in field types and configurable

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Undb platform will support the following features.

We are currently developing additional functionalities and look forward to unveiling them soon. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!

< System basis >
Recycle bin
Grid Import/Export
Change Record Notification permission
User Settings Refactor
Notification of Changes
Form sharing
< Table basic features >
Multi-select fields
Currency fields
Expanded email fields
Copying columns
Copying rows
Pivot View
Gantt View
Group display
Grid View editing
< Preferences & Productivity >
Advanced search
Keyboard shortcuts
Cloud services
Single sign-on
Dark mode

Get Started now

If your team is distributed, we recommend trying undb.

Maybe you could use it in the following scenarios.

Currently, Undb does not offer specific templates related to specific use cases. However, we will continue to release more templates to meet our users' needs.

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Project Management

Undb provides tools such as data tables, workflows, activity calendars and file sharing for project management. Through these tools, project goals can be defined, tasks can be assigned, progress can be tracked, and team collaboration efficiency can be improved.

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By using the features of the Undb platform, individuals can easily collect and display their life data, providing data support for their life planning.

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Content Marketing

Undb platform is an excellent content management system that can be used to record and manage blog articles, brand assets, podcast content, and more.